We are

We say

to new ideas
to pushing boundaries
to a more humane architecture
to leaving our mark, not leaving a mess
to projects that make you roar with glee
to oohs! and aahs!
to Italian red wines...

We say

to cookie-cutter
to flavour of the day
to smoke screens
to a lack of transparency
to cold fries
to cutting corners
to abdicating...

It's highly

we’re in the process of changing
architecture trends
we’ll say nay, and with good reason
and we’ll say yea, with equally good reason
we don’t boast enough
we’d be the perfect fit for you
you should call us

Rocio H. Venegas
senior partner

François Beaulieu
senior partner

Jean-Sébastien Laberge
project manager

We stand for

a greener, more authentic and beautiful world
an architecture with a global conscience,
built on human and ethical principles
in harmony
with clients and citizens
more respectful of the built environment,
the neighbourhood, the location
more aware of its immediate
and long term impact

an inventive architecture where aesthetics and quality
are a legacy of which all can be proud

That’s who we are

10 daring professionals — experience(d) architects,
space designers,
wildly rigorous project managers
an open mind, a collaborative team spirit
an exciting combination of fields

we cater to our clients’ needs,
we stubbornly bring their vision to life,
with our imagination as its lifeblood

We’ve been here
for more than 10 years

and we aren't leaving for a longtime!